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FY 2022 Project Requests

Below is a list of both Member-Designated Transportation Project Requests and Community Project Funding Requests


Requests Submitted by Congressman Aderholt to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

  • Red Bay Interchange Lighting Project
    1. Located at the intersection of Alabama Highway 24 (Corridor-V) and Alabama Highway 19 in Red Bay, AL 35582
    2. Sponsor: Alabama Department of Transportation 
    3. Requested: $860,000.00
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  • Alabama State Highway 77 Northbound Bridge Replacement Project 
    1. Located between Whorton Bend Road and Fowlers Ferry Road where Alabama Highway 77 crosses the Coosa River in Southside, AL 35907
    2. Sponsor: City of Southside 
    3. Requested: $2,895,531.00
    4.  PDF iconConfirmation Letter


Requests Submitted by Congressman Aderholt to the House Committee on Appropriations for Community Funding Projects.

  • Captsone Rural Health Center-Nauvoo
    1. Located at 5947 Highway 269, Parrish, AL 35580, in a two-story building that was originally built to house a food bank.  The pharmacy is located on the 2nd floor.  There is inadequate patient care space and lack of full ADA access to services on-site.
    2. Requested: $725,000.00
    3. At the new clinic, services that would be provided include:
      1.  access to primary and behavioral healthcare;
      2. increased space to accommodate an additional primary care provider
      3. case management services;
      4. a dedicated room to provide Telehealth Services to patients when primary or behavioral health care providers are not in the clinic;
      5. ADA-compliant access to pharmacy services.
    4. The existing Nauvoo Center currently provides medical and behavioral care at approximately 3,600 visits each year and the Nauvoo pharmacy fills more than 2,500 prescriptions each month.
    5. This project is a good use of taxpayer funds because a new facility will be able to accommodate at least an additional 1,000-1,500 patient visits per year in this rural area with no other access to community health care within a 30 square mile radius.
    6. The full document can be found here

Sheffield Housing Authority

  1. Located at 505 North Columbia Ave., Sheffield, AL 35660. 
  2. Requested: $225,000.00
  3. Funding for the Blighted Housing and Facilities Demolition, Sheffield, AL, Colbert County, AL04, would be used for demolishing ten blighted structures in the City of Sheffield for the purpose of building affordable housing which will directly benefit low-income persons and providing for future business growth.
  4. Sheffield, Alabama, has a population that has declined by 30% over the last 50 years. As the population relocated many businesses and homes were left vacant and deteriorating. Sheffield is landlocked by the cities of Muscle Shoals and Tuscumbia, and by the Tennessee River, meaning there is little land for new development. In recent years, the City of Sheffield has worked tirelessly and successfully to renovate the downtown and to entice new businesses to the City. However, the presence of these many derelict structures means there is no room for expansion, and they are a visual deterrent to new growth.
  5. The full document can be found here