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June 29, 2020 Press Release

Washington, D.C. —Today, Congressman Robert Aderholt, (AL-04) released the following statement after the United States Supreme Court decision in June Medical Services V. Russo.


June 1, 2020 Press Release

Washington, D.C. —Today, Congressman Robert Aderholt, (AL-04) released the following statement in regard to the death of George Floyd and the protests and violence that have followed.


May 15, 2020 Press Release

Washington —Today, Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives to express his opposition to the Heroes Act. His statement was as follows:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in strong opposition to this bill. 

April 23, 2020 Press Release

“The American economy cannot stay closed forever and plans are being made now for a phased approach for getting industry back up and running, businesses opened and people back to work.   But an important part of getting us back to normal is widespread, fast, reliable antibody testing.

April 21, 2020 Press Release
Tuesday afternoon I sent a letter outlining my recommendations to Governor Ivey about how and when it would be appropriate to start reopening businesses and activities in Alabama.  Below is the letter in full.
April 17, 2020 Press Release

Guntersville —Today, Congressman Robert Aderholt, (AL-04) released the following statement in regard to an article he wrote in The Hill yesterday calling for the implementation of Buy America policies in the medical supply and pharmaceutical industry.

April 8, 2020 Press Release

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) on Wednesday is set to send a letter to President Donald Trump advocating for additional “Buy America” requirements as the nation deals with the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

April 6, 2020 Blog Post

Information for churches and other religious organizations who have questions about the Paycheck Protection Program.  The information below is from the IRS.



In The News

July 13, 2018 In The News

The House Appropriations Committee adopted a measure that would ensure federal funding for faith-based adoption agencies that object to placing children with same-sex couples.

July 12, 2016 In The News

Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-AL4) has released a video honoring the police officers in his district that can be appreciated all across the state and nation. Narrated by broadcaster Paul Harvey, the video attempts to answer difficult the question, “What is a police officer?”

May 23, 2016 In The News

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – Farmers Home Furniture announced today it will invest $10 million in a new distribution center to be built in Franklin County.  This is expected to bring 80 new jobs to northwest Alabama.

May 18, 2016 In The News

Four Alabama congressmen lent their names to a letter Monday calling on President Barack Obama to rescind the administration's guidance on transgender students and bathroom use, calling it a "poorly executed threat" and an example of executive overreach.

September 11, 2013 In The News


Congressman Aderholdt and Brooks Respond to Obama’s National Address

Posted on: 9:48 pm, September 11, 2013, by 


September 11, 2013 In The News

Cullman Sense | Aderholt Statement on the Anniversary of September 11th and Benghazi Attacks

September 11, 2013 In The News


ACLJ Applauds Federal Court Decision Dismissing Atheist Lawsuit Challenging National Motto On U.S. Currency

Published: September 11, 2013

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September 10, 2013 In The News


September 10, 2013 In The News


Alabama House delegation skeptical, unconvinced on Syria strike

By Kim Chandler |  on September 10, 2013 at 5:27 PM, updated September 10, 2013 at 6:03 PM

September 9, 2013 In The News


Alabamians fretting over Syria


By Brad Harper

The specter of military action in Syria weighed heavy on the mind of D’Linell Finley all weekend, and on Sunday he saw that he was far from alone.

The Alabama State University adjunct professor is also a pastor, and he said it was a common topic on the lips and minds of his congregation.



May 27, 2016 Video

This Memorial Day Weekend I hope that you will take time to remember the true cost of our freedom. The men featured in this video are all from the 4th Congressional District and are listed by the Department of Defense as being killed in action since the September 11th attacks in 2001. This is the true sacrifice that keeps us free.

January 3, 2015 Video
A Video of the Lincoln Memorial.