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Congressman Aderholt Statement on Withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Afghanistan

September 1, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Robert Aderholt released the following statement on the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and the Biden Administration’s handling of the situation.

“President Biden not only left behind 10% of the Americans and countless Afghan allies, but needlessly turned over $85 billion worth of lethal equipment that will be used to inflict harm on the US and our allies. 


“President Biden appears to have overridden the judgment of his generals, ignored our allies, and, in the process, damaged our credibility around the globe. His rushed exit and failure to secure a path out for citizens and allies was a colossal blunder and he alone bears responsibility.  All this because President Biden wanted a sound bite that said he got us out of a 20-year war.  These actions make America look weak.


“Out of all of President Biden’s poor decisions regarding our military and foreign policy, this is by far the worst.  The number one job of the Commander in Chief is to protect every American. Joe Biden is failing at this task.”