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Congressman Aderholt Statement on Democrats’ Partisan Budget Proposal

August 9, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Robert Aderholt issued the following statement after Democrats released their $3.5 trillion budget plan.


“The budget put forward by Democrats is just reckless, and a leftwing smorgasbord.  Not only is the amount of money they propose we borrow from our children and grandchildren reckless, but also the way in which they want to use budget tricks to pass it. 


“This budget is full of Green New Deal type programs.  It increases the welfare rolls and has no requirements for work.  It also includes amnesty for millions of people in the United States illegally.  And even though Democrats claim to hate tax cuts, this budget gives one to their wealthy, liberal donors in blue states.


“Budget reconciliation was never intended to be a workaround of the legislative, appropriations process.  But Democrats know they could not get this leftwing budget through Congress any other way.  The leftwing of the party has gotten the taxpayers’ credit card and they are ready to go on a spending spree.”