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Congressman Aderholt Responds to Trump's State of the Union Speech

February 4, 2020
Press Release

“I completely agree with President Trump that the State of the Union is stronger than ever before.  The President put in front of the American people how much better off we are today than we were even three years ago.


“I was very pleased to see that the President put an emphasis on three areas that are important to me: continuing to grow our economy, rebuilding America’s strength, both at home and abroad, and protecting the most vulnerable among us.


“Since President Trump took office, there are now 100,000 new jobs in Alabama alone.  10,000 of those are in manufacturing.  This success in Alabama is being seen across all populations.  More than 10,000 people have been lifted out of poverty.  Our trajectory as a state is upward!


“While I know many Democrats came to the speech with disdain for our President, I hope even they can see that our country is stronger, more prosperous and safer than it has been since Ronald Reagan.  And as this uncalled-for impeachment wraps up, we can all finally get to work for the American people instead of political witch-hunts.  I hope we can all come together as Americans.”