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Congressman Aderholt Calls on PPP Fund to be Replenished

April 16, 2020
Press Release


“The Paycheck Protection Program was written with urgency to address a great need.  At a time when most of the population is under stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders, this program has helped many businesses retain their employees while complying with state and local requirements. Yes, there definitely were some growing pains when the program first went active, but what we hear from the roughly 20,000 businesses who have benefited from this program in Alabama is that the program is working.  


Secretary Mnuchin has stated that due to high demand for this program, the SBA has processed 14 years’ worth of loans in 14 days.  Despite the clear need for relief show by the large number of applications, I am flabbergasted as to why Democrat leadership has now allowed this bipartisan program to run dry.  This program is helping business owners from across the political spectrum.  This is an issue we all agree with.


There was a plan last week to inject another $250 billion into the program to keep it funded and to keep small businesses alive.   However, Democrat leadership in the House and Senate were opposed to a clean funding bill and wanted to add more items that do not have bipartisan support.  We must not hold the Paycheck Protection Program, and by default, small businesses across this country, hostage to political debate.  I urge the Speaker to immediately support the Senate replenishment bill – for anyone who supports low income workers and middle-class workers, it is a moral imperative.”