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Aderholt Assists in Antibody Testing Approval

April 23, 2020
Press Release

“The American economy cannot stay closed forever and plans are being made now for a phased approach for getting industry back up and running, businesses opened and people back to work.   But an important part of getting us back to normal is widespread, fast, reliable antibody testing.

To that end, I’m excited that Webb Diagnostic Technologies has completed its own validation process and is moving forward with the process to receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA.  Within 60 seconds, blood from a small finger prick can detect, not only an active infection, but if the person has already been exposed to COVID-19 and is now likely immune.

I was proud to help this company, which has assets in Alabama and Tennessee, make connections within Alabama to ensure that the scientists at Webb had everything they needed to work on this antibody test.  I commend them for showing true American entrepreneurship in seeing a vital need and responding in record time.

Late last week, I was on a phone call with the FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and highlighted for him that the speed and accuracy of this test seem so promising.  When I mentioned that the notification of the product would be submitted in the coming days, the commissioner agreed to be on the lookout for it.

It’s this type of testing that will allow us to reopen our economy in a safe manner and put an end to this pandemic.”

The annoucement by Webb Diagnostics can be found HERE.