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Moulton Advertiser | Courtland sales tax to go up

May 23, 2013
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Courtland sales tax to go up
By Ginger Grantham | Moulton Advertiser | May 23, 2013



Come July 1, sales tax in the town of Courtland will be 9 percent. The Courtland Council approved the one-cent increase at Monday's meeting.

"I checked and we do not have to hold a hearing on the increase," Mayor Clarence Logston said. "If we approve the increase tonight, it will become effective on July 1."

City Clerk Robin Brackin said it takes the state about 30 days to make the necessary changes and notifications to put the increase in place.

"If we are going to keep the town afloat we need to pass it," Councilman Jeff Coffey said just before the vote.

In other issues concerning finances, Courtland is slated to get $2,148.442 to replace or rehab three bridges on Jefferson Street. The town has struggled for several years looking for assistance in replacing the bridges. School buses, large trucks and fire trucks are restricted from using those bridges.

"This is ATRIP money," Logston said. "It will replace two bridges and eliminate one small bridge by using a large culvert."

The Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) is a federal aid highway program administered by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Logston said there was no cost to Courtland for the initial survey. But other services have a price tag. The ATRIP grant will pay 80 percent of the cost and Courtland must come up with 20 percent for the project. Courtland's cost on the project is expected to be $184,782.00.

Logston said Chris Barnwell, who is the town's bridge inspector, could not attend the meeting as planned.

"Chris said that we needed to approve the money for doing plans and profiles for $4,000 and hydraulic design for $6,800 tonight so the project can get started," Logston said.

Logston said the town can pay for these town items with money from the general fund. He is not sure where the rest on the money will come from.

"We may have to borrow it," he said. "I am going to start making telephone calls and talking to people about getting some help."

Logston has already talked to someone in Congressman's Robert Aderholt's office who promised to get some help for Courtland when the project got underway. He has also contacted state lawmakers for help.

In preparation for the town's annual Parade, Pageant and Picnic in the Park, set for Saturday, June 1, the town approved spending up to $5,000 on the event and to get 14 hanging flower baskets plus four evergreens for urns around town.

In other matters concerning the event, the council voted to make local pharmacist Tammy Garrett the town Citizen of the Year.

With hazardous weather breaking out across the Midwest, Logston reminded everyone that the storm shelter at the Roy Coffey Park is open and so is the basement at the clubhouse at Valley Landing Golf Course.

Logston said Courtland was still on the list for approval and a grant for a storm shelter to be located on Sanderson Lane near the entrance of the Courtland Industrial Air Park.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Clarence Logston and Council members Karen Hitt, Edna Redd, Jeff Coffey, Bettie Hollis and Randy Alexander.


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