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Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry | House Committee Mark Up Gives FDA $100 Million Boost

July 12, 2013
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House Committee Mark Up Gives FDA $100 Million Boost
By Jim Dickinson | Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry | July 12, 2013 



A House Appropriations Committee mark up in June would give FDA almost $100 million more in fiscal year 2014 than the current sequester-imposed budget authority. Under the proposed legislation adopted by the committee, FDA’s appropriated funding would be about $22 million below the agency’s 2012 funding level of $2.507 billion.

In response, the Alliance for a Stronger FDA expressed appreciation for the committee’s recognition of FDA’s important role. However, it also said further increases are needed to support FDA’s critical mission.

“In this time of continuing deficit reduction, we understand the difficult fiscal environment under which the House is operating,” said Alliance president Diane Dorman. “Chairman Robert Aderholt and ranking member Sam Farr’s decision to exceptionalize FDA—by proposing an FY 14 funding level that is nearly $100 million above where the agency was left after the FY 13 sequester—is a positive step in the right direction.”


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