Scenic photo of Dismals Canyon

Growing the Economy

Growing our economy, both in the 4th Congressional District and across Alabama is a priority for me.

Our defense and space industries are experiencing tremendous growth. Agriculture is booming. Alabama is the nation’s second largest producer of poultry – and that’s a good thing.

But we also need to rebuild our essential manufacturing base – and that’s something that President Trump has focused on.  I’m pleased to see the new auto plants being built, and I’m proud to see so many of our defense and aerospace companies expanding, providing great jobs for people in this area. 

We’ve seen great progress, but we don’t want that growth to be confined to a handful of places here in North Alabama.  I want to expand this economic miracle to include other parts of our District and across the state.

To do that, we must prioritize building up our infrastructure.  We must expand high speed internet to every square mile of the 4th District and North Alabama.  We must protect rural hospitals and clinics to make sure people everywhere have access to high quality healthcare. And we must ensure we have a highly trained work force with the skills employers are looking for.

We also need to make sure our trade policies are based on common sense.  We want to increase trade by eliminating unfair foreign trade policies.  President Trump did that in the U.S.- Mexico- Canadian (USMCA) trade deal, which opens more markets for American products and helps make America more competitive.  That makes a big difference for our farmers, manufacturers, businesses and for consumers.  We’ll have more opportunities for common-sense trade deals in the coming years.