Scenic photo of Dismals Canyon

American Strength

American leadership is essential for an orderly and productive world. Without American leadership, the world would be a dark and hopeless place. Too many people forget that. Liberal pundits may criticize America, but America set the example – and continues to set the example – for protecting fundamental rights.  

We’ve defeated dark empires in the past that dominated and enslaved their own people.  Now we see modern-day Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and others threatening many of these fundamental human rights.

If we want peace, it is our duty to maintain the strongest military on the face of the earth. We must strengthen and expand our alliances with NATO and others across the globe. This is the only way we can counter the expansionist rise of China and the threats from North Korea and Russia.

However, to maintain our military strength, we must lead in technology. 

I’m proud that North Alabama is a leader in innovative weapons research.  From hypersonic weapons to powerful lasers, the weapons of the future are being designed and built right here.  And those high-tech weapons are making us strong so we can keep the peace.   

But we must remember there are a lot of bad actors out there – and one of their tools is cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism.  Fortunately, we have tremendous companies in this part of Alabama that specialize in neutralizing cybersecurity threats. 

We must build on our existing cybersecurity strengths to make North Alabama the leader in cybersecurity.  We can do that by raising and training future leaders through specialized degrees and cutting-edge training programs in community colleges, universities, and private companies.

We must also continue to lead in space research and exploration.  I can’t wait to see NASA’s powerful Space Launch System (SLS) blast off and take us back to the moon in 2024.  I’m proud that our engineers – right here in North Alabama – are making all this possible.  I’ve worked very hard to secure the necessary funding for space and defense here in our area.  The Defense/Aerospace ecosystem is the engine of this region’s economy, and I will do everything in my power to make it thrive.

My good friend, and former House colleague, Vice President Mike Pence has spearheaded the development of the Space Force. Of course, there is no better place for the Space Force to be than North Alabama.  I’ll be working to do all I can to make sure this region gets critical components of this newest branch of the military.